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We are inviting new and emerging local artists and craftspeople the opportunity to showcase their work in the beautiful and peaceful setting of the Magdalene Almshouses in Glastonbury during the summer season of 2019. We hope to offer a range of different arts and crafts that are sympathetic and appropriate to a quiet, sacred site. Last year we averaged 800 visitors per month through the Summer.

Art in the Almshouses will run from the 5th of April to the 8th of September. Please take a look at the details below and if you wish to apply please download the application form, complete it and return by email or to the postal address on the form. We will contact you after we receive your application to discuss available dates. Application closing date 1st March, you will be contacted by 15th March at the latest.

What are the opening hours and do I have to be there if I am exhibiting only?
The chapel and almshouses will be open to the public  7 days a week from 10am until 4pm. A volunteer will usually be on duty.  It will be a condition of the agreement that the artist is available for a minimum of 5 days out of the 7 and will be in situ from 10-4 daily. Our volunteers cannot take responsibility for your work and therefore the room will only be open when you are there and you will be the keyholder. There is a toilet and hot beverage making equipment on site.

Can I sell my work?
Yes you can but you will be responsible for making your own sales.

Can I work while I’m there or hold workshops?
Artists are welcome to create in the space and hold small demonstrations and workshops, where agreed with us in advance, but as the space is only 9’ square we cannot accommodate large equipment or groups.

Do I need Insurance?
The site has public liability insurance cover but there is no insurance to cover artists work or personal belongings.

Is there any display equipment?
There will be a hanging display system for paintings etc and a print rack for any prints. There is a small table and a chair. We would recommend that you visit the space, assess what you need to display your work and if we can help we will.

What about setting up and clearing?
The day before and the day after your 7 day block will be available for you to set up and clear the space. You will be responsible for cleaning the space to leave it as you found it, we have cleaning equipment on site that you can use.

Is there a cost?
Yes there is a charge of £5 per day, booking period is a minimum of 7 days, payable in advance. There may be some slots of up to 10 days available.

Any further questions please email Trisha at if you wish to apply please download the application form.