St Margaret’s Chapel was built by the Abbey as a place of prayer attached to the existing hospital for sick men. The building dates from 1444 and is Grade II* listed, and a Scheduled ancient monument.

The chapel has features dating to the 13th and 15th centuries although the lancet window at the East end may be earlier.

The chapel is open daily for quiet prayer and contemplation. There are two icons, one of St Margaret and the other of Mary Magdalene inside the chapel. Margaret of Scotland and her heir, King David gave money to establish a number of [Magdalene] chapels associated with Abbey’s in England.

The chapel was sympathetically restored in 2011. This included re-instating one of the two west windows. We believe that the original roof was lower and at some stage a barrel roof was installed and the outer roof raised. This could have been when the bell cote was added. Inside the niche of the bell cote is a statue of St Margaret however it has recently been vandalised by crows pecking the stone!


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